May 2021 Newsletter

Fluid TypePart NumberPrice
Mopar Limited Slip Friction Modifer 4 oz bottle4318060AD$3.50 each
Mopar 5W40 1 Liter Bottle68001332CB$4.00 each
Mopar ATF+ 5 Liter Bottle68218058AC$22.50 each
AC Delco Manual Syncromesh Fluid 1 qt88900333$7.50 each
VW 6-Speed Manual Transmission Fluid 1 LiterG-052-512-A2$4.50 each
VW 5W-40 1 quart SOLD OUT G-E55-540-1Q-DSP$4.25 each
Motorcraft 10W30 5 quart bottleXO*10W30*5Q3SD$14.50 each
AC Delco DOT 4 Brake Fluid 16 oz19299570$8.50 each
Merecedes ATF 134 1 Liter001-989-68-03-15$10.50 each

April 2021 Newsletter

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Feb 19th 8 am Update

80’s routes will not be delivering today due to the inclement weather. All other routes are being dispatched but there will be delays. Also, please note we can not make deliveries to businesses that have lots that are unsafe, so please make sure your lots are plowed and salted.

Feb 18th 9 am Update

We will only be making limited deliveries in the local area around our cross docks in North Jersey, South Jersey, and Central PA. and are evaluating the possibility of an early closure, please check back for updates.

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Feb 12th Truck Break Down

Route 45 truck had a transmission failure, we are sending another truck out to retrieve the parts and continue with the deliveries. As of right now, expect 2-3 hour delays.

Feb 11th 8 am Update

All routes are dispatched but delayed with the exception of route 8 and route 20, please check back later for status of those routes. Please see below on where to find your route number.

Feb 9th Update

Route 80, 83, 87, and 88 will not be delivered today due to inclement weather. Route 89 will be departing at approx. 11 am. You can find your route number on you invoice here: