What is Fred Beans Alternative Parts?

Fred Beans Alternative, FBA, is a division of Fred Beans Part Distribution Center that specializes in offering options to original equipment parts, these include:

Optional OEM Parts: These are parts that have promotional prices as part of a manufacturer program, currently, Nissan, Subaru,  Hyundai, VW, and Honda have these in place.  To receive the promotional price, repair shops must order the parts through CCC ONE estimating system; these parts are designated with a green dollar sign within the estimating system. These parts will appear in estimating systems as “OPT OEM”

Alternative Parts: New OEM parts that come in OEM boxes and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.  These parts are offered with a discount because they were either purchased in bulk or they are items being offered at “clearance” prices to make room for new items.  The discount on these parts is fixed and is based on each individual part number, discounts can range from 30% to 40% off of the list.  These parts will appear in estimating systems as “OPT OEM” or “PXN PART”