New Return Portal

We are happy to announce that we anticiapate our new return portal launching June 4th!  In preparation for the launch, please click the link HERE to create a login for the new portal.   To create your login you will need a recent invoice and our seller name, FBP Doylestown – Main.

An added benefit of our new return portal (and available right now) is the ability to receive live ETA’s for your deliveries as well as what items that are scheduled for delivery that day.

If you need any assistance with the setup please email us,

To read up on some the new features and how to’s coming in the new returns portal, click HERE

While we always hope for a seemless transistion, there will inevitably be some bumps in the road.  For this reason, we will temporarily be running both return portals and anticipate closing the old return portal on July 31st.